Engage With Your Audience

Becoming a Creator on the lemonadetv (“lemonade.tv”) platform allows you to authentically engage and connect with your audience from around the world that is impossible with static pictures. Our platform helps create communities and engage customers on a more personal level through live streaming and chat.  You can having meaningful conversations about products you are passionate about and your audience can make a purchase without ever leaving the livestream!

Build Loyalty

Build loyalty and confidence in the buying process through live engagement.  Your audience can ask all the questions they want before making a purchase. lemonadetv makes it easy for your audience to shop the products you are featuring from your show by displaying them next to your episode.  As soon as you reveal your products, your audience can purchase them.

Connect with Brands

Additionally, Creators can connect with Brands that are partnered with lemonadetv to become Ambassadors. This allows Creators (regardless of follower size)  to sell on behalf of a Brand and earn a commission for each item sold.  Brands have the ability to reach out to you or you can apply directly to the Brands that you love.

Grow Your Community

Creators can grow their community organically through authentic engagement and connection in real time. Viewers will love being able to interact, ask questions, and engage with other members of Creators' communities during live streams.

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