Our platform fees for selling on lemonadetv (“lemonade.tv”) are simple and transparent. Lemonade.tv collects a 5% platform fee on the retail price of each sale. Additionally, there is a credit card processing fee of 3.5%.

If you are a Brand allowing Creators to represent your products, we encourage that you incentivize your Creators. A commission or a flat fee is set at an individual product level for the commission amount that you are willing to pay when a sale occurs. We suggest that you offer 15%-25% so Creators are enticed to share your products, but in the end it's up to you!

How do commissions work?

When a Creator partners with a Brand to represent their products in a live episodes, they can earn a flat fee or a percentage of sale from every purchase their audience makes. Brands can set a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price that Creators can earn on every item they have in their inventory. The lemonadetv platform captures this fee at the time of sale and pays the Creator directly. Depending on the industry, a Creator can make between 15% - 25% on average per item they sell depending on category type.

How do I get paid?

lemonadetv collects all payments from each transaction and pays out the net sales, all fees, and commissions to the appropriate users (Brands and Creators). We will deposit these funds into your lemonadetv account so you can transfer to your linked bank account.

The payout period for product owners is 14 days after the item that sold has shipped. 

The payout of commissions for Creators and Affiliates is 15 days after the brands return policy has ended.  Once an item has sold and shipped and the return policy has ended lemonadetv pays out commissions on these sales 15 days later. 

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