As a Brand, what can lemonadetv offer me?

lemonadetv (“”) serves as medium between Brands and Creators. As a Brand, you will have access to our vast database of Creators who you can partner with to feature your products. lemonadetv makes it easy to search through Creators and connect with them via email.

How does my Brand find Creators?

There are two ways to partner with Creators on lemonadetv: Through invitation or application.

As a Brand, you can search and filter through our database of Creators to select people who best fit your Brand. Alternatively, Creators can apply to your Brand directly. Once a Creators has applied, you will receive an email notification.  You can review their application and profile and choose to approve or deny them.

Can I sell my own products on lemonadetv?

Absolutely. While you have access to lemonadetv’s Creators, you are free to go live yourself as a Brand and sell your own products.

What does it cost for a Brand to sign up?

It doesn't cost anything to sign up. See our fees on any product that sells.

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