What can I do with my account?

A Creator account on lemonadetv (“lemonade.tv”) gives users the ability to go live on the lemonadetv site. Creators can also create episodes, sell products, and register to represent and sell on behalf of Brands that are registered on lemonadetv.

Who can sell on lemonadeTV?

Anyone! Whether you have personal items you want to sell, run a small business and want to reach a larger audience, offer online tutorials, or want to represent and sell on behalf of a Brand, lemonadetv empowers you to do all of these things and more.

Do you need to have a big following on social media to sell on lemonadetv?  

Not at all! Anyone can sell on lemonadetv. If you are looking to grow your social media following, lemonadetv can be used to connect with Brands and help you start earning right away. If you have a larger presence on social media, lemonadeTV gives you a new way to authentically engage with your community that is exclusive to our site.

How do I sign up?

You’ll need a Consumer lemonadetv account first. All that means is you sign up with a username and password or with your Facebook account.  Once you’ve created a Consumer account, you can then Go Live. Once you're ready to add products to your store or connect to a brand you'll be asked to enter your address. After filling this out you're able to start uploading products and start selling on LTV.

How do I go live?

Creators can go live from either their computers (via browser or OBS) or from the lemonadetv mobile app. Simply create an episode, create or choose products, and go live! Additionally, Creators can upload or embed pre-recorded videos on to their lemonadetv channel and associate product the same way.

What do I need to go live?

Just a camera (either a webcam on a computer or phone), a lemonadetv account, and a stable internet connection.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

No, there is no cost to sign up to become a Creator. There is a 5% platform fee that applies to anyone who sells a product. This fee occurs on the retail selling price. Read more about fees here.

Can I print shipping labels through lemonadetv?

Yes, you can print a shipping label from directly within the sales completion portion of your dashboard. You can also feel free to use your own shipping method as long as you mark the product as shipped in your creator dashboard so the sale can be completed. If you have sold a product from a Brand you represent, the Brand will ship the product and you will receive an email notification as well as be able to view the status on your dashboard.

What kind of analytics are available to me?

Our Creator dashboard provides lots of useful information. You can easily keep track of order status and inventory with our built in tools. We also have stream analytics that show things such as stream time, where viewers are coming from, how many products were sold, and more.

How much commission does a Creator make?

Commission rates are based entirely on the Brand you are selling for. Depending on the industry, Creators can make between 15% - 25% commission on average per item sold.

Once I make a commission, when do I get paid?

lemonadetv collects all payments from each transaction and pays out the commissions to Creators. We will deposit these funds into your lemonadetv account so you can transfer to your linked bank account.

If I sell my own product, when do I get paid?

If you sell your own product, you will see the funds deposited into your lemonadetv account within 14 days of the sale.

Do you offer training?

Yes, visit our help site for tips on becoming a successful Creator.

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