What can I do with my account?

A Consumer account on lemonadetv (“lemonade.tv”) gives users access to engage via chat with Creators, shop and save shipping details, and follow Creator accounts they love to never miss an episode. 

Where can I watch?

Recent and trending episodes are featured on the lemonadetv homepage.  If you are looking for a specific Creator, you can go directly to their page to view their latest episodes.  Alternatively, you can also click the “Browse” button, near the top left of the site, to search by category. lemonadetv episodes can be watched on your desktop, mobile device, through our lemonadetv app and are also available on Facebook, Google, and Twitch at the discretion of the Creator.

Who am I purchasing products from?

This answer will vary for different Creators. If the Creator is representing a Brand on lemonadetv, you will be purchasing from the Brand and they will be responsible for shipping the products. However, if the Creator is selling personal items, then you are purchasing directly from the Creator and they will be responsible for shipping.

What kind of items can I buy on lemonadetv?

We currently have several categories on the lemonadetv site. You can browse our list of categories to see the latest episodes for those products. Some examples include (but are not limited to): Accessories, Beauty, Clothing, Beauty, Health & Fitness, and much more.

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