Anyone can become a Creator, whether you are selling personal items, running a small business, lemonadetv is the perfect place to reach a large audience and improve engagement.

In order to protect and ensure the safety of our lemonadetv users, we require all Creators to provide one form of government issued photo identification. Examples of this include driver license or passport. This helps us prevent users from fraudulent or spam accounts and make sure that banned users remain unable to sell. lemonadetv will only use this information to verify your account. 

  1. Head over to the Become a Creator sign-up page. This page also contains more information regarding becoming a Creator.

  2. Click the “Sign Up to Sell” button, located towards the center of the screen. You will be redirected to a new page.

The Creator sign-up page is broken down into 2 sections:

Account Type:

Here, you will decide what type of account you are creating. Select Creator if you are going to be selling products of your own, and/or if you want to connect with brands and sell their products. Select Brand if you have products that you want others to sell for you.

Seller/Store Information:

This last section is for information regarding yourself or your company. If you selected Creator in the “Account Type” section, fill out the fields with your own information or business’ information. If you selected Wholesaler in the “Account Type” section, fill out this portion with your company’s information

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