The profile section of lemonadetv allows users to manage important things such as: Personal information, username, shipping address, and forms of payment.

From Desktop:

  1. Head to the lemonadetv site.

  2. Click the “Login” button and follow the on screen prompt to sign-in.

  3. Once signed in, click on your account profile picture in the upper right hand corner. A drop down should appear.

  4. Click “My Profile”.

From App:

  1. Head to the lemonadetv App.

  2. Sign In to your account.

  3. Once signed in, click on your account profile in the bottom right navigation.

  4. Click “My Profile” to update your information.

The profile management page has 4 individual sections:

Edit Profile:

This section allows users to manage their information linked to their account. Under the Account tab, you can fill out the desired fields to be updated. You can also upload your own profile photo by clicking the “Edit Photo” button or the pen icon. Under the Security tab, you can change your account password. Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button, located near the center of the page, or else your profile will not be updated.

My Orders:

This section allows users to manage their current orders, as well as see their past ones. Here you can see a detailed view and manage of all the orders you have placed, as well as see order status, track orders or request a return.

My Addresses:

This section allows users manage their addresses saved to their accounts. Here you can add a new address or change/update an existing one.

My Credit Cards:

This section allows users to manage their forms of payment linked to the account. Here you can add/remove a credit card, update a card, or change your primary form of payment.

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