What is lemonadetv?

lemonadetv (“lemonade.tv”) is a video live streaming platform where viewers can engage with Creators and shop directly through the stream. Here, Creators can share their expert knowledge and products recommendations with their online community. Viewers can see products displayed live and get answers in real time from trusted peers. The structure of our platform allows lemonadetv to create an organic community, where money spent on the site is going back to support our Creators rather than the big corporations.

Why should I sign up?

lemonadeTV offers 3 different user experiences through our platform:

As a Consumer, you can browse and join communities created by Creators. Enjoy live streams while chatting and engaging with Creators and other community members. Get questions answered live and shop confidently. Find unique products and exclusive deals. Even make purchases directly on the stream without ever leaving the platform. You can also Go Live!

As a Creator, you can go live and create unique episodes to showcase your curated products. Share your knowledge and expertise about brands and products you are passionate about. Engage with your audience in real-time and interact directly with your customers. Create and grow a community that share a similar interests as you. Even partner with Brands on lemonadetv and represent their products whether you have a large or smaller follower size.

As a Brand, reach out directly to Creators to share your products to their communities. Effectively showcase your products in ways that are just not possible with static images.  Alternatively, Creators can also connect with you on lemonadetv where you can review their application and profile page and choose to approve them to represent your products.

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